Thank you for visiting my portfolio.

I’m a happy, caring and hard-working game designer.
Let me know if you have project ❤

Designing games 

I aim to create games designed to touch its players and have something to express. This could be by fun and exciting game play, a deep story or a string of choices that make you learn something about yourself. I look for the core feelings of the game and expand from there to make coherent and great experiences.

I have experience from big and small teams, 3 commercial projects and a bunch of hands-on school projects and game jams.

Selected experience

  • Rigshospitalet, BørneRiget: Project leader & Game designer for AR-game to bring joy to hospitalized children and adolescents
  • Klassefilm: Game designer on tablet game for kids
  • Lovable Hat Cult: Game- & level design for a 2D story driven platformer
  • NapNok Games: Responsible game designer for 5 of 15 Frantics mini-games
  • Tactygon: Artist and level designer for a RTS game for mobile
  • Cph Dot: Board game design, illustrator and teddy bear design
  • Con2: Main event coordinator
  • Billetto: Junior project manager
  • Exchange student: Project lead for 28 students at 3 months game production


  • Bachelor in Game Design from The Danish Royal Design School (KADK), 2017
  • Diploma engineer in Process and Innovation from DTU, 2013

Random facts

  • I’ve been playing live an pen’n’paper role plaing since 2004
  • I won Viking-Con’s re-run competition with a My Little Pony game where the core mechanic involves A LOT of candy
  • I live in a collective with 4 other people
  • I really like good ice cream – also in the winter

You can find my CV at LinkedIn.
Or write to me on Twitter.

Jeff Cook, teacher in Game Design and Game Art, wrote me some quite nice words:
Please note that my full name is Lena Kikko Siggaard Henriksen, former Lena Siggaard Andersen. So it is me, though the names doesn’t match.

Recommendation by Jeff Cook.png