Thank you for visiting my portfolio.

I’m a happy, caring and hard-working game designer.
Let me know if you have project ❤

Designing games 

I aim to create games designed to touch its players and have something to express. This could be by fun and exciting game play, a deep story or a string of choices that make you learn something about yourself. I look for the core feelings of the game and expand from there to make coherent and great experiences.

I have experience from big and small teams, in commercial projects and a bunch of hands-on school projects and game jams.

Selected experience

  • Rigshospitalet, BørneRiget: Project leader & Game designer for AR-game to bring joy to hospitalized children and adolescents
  • Klassefilm: Game designer on tablet game for kids
  • Lovable Hat Cult: Game- & level design for a 2D story driven platformer
  • NapNok Games: Responsible game designer for 5 of 15 Frantics mini-games
  • Tactygon: Artist and level designer for a RTS game for mobile
  • Cph Dot: Board game design, illustrator and teddy bear design
  • Con2: Main event coordinator
  • Billetto: Junior project manager
  • Exchange student: Project lead for 28 students at 3 months game production


  • Bachelor in Game Design from The Danish Royal Design School (KADK), 2017
  • Diploma engineer in Process and Innovation from DTU, 2013

Random facts

  • I’ve been playing live an pen’n’paper role plaing since 2004
  • I won Viking-Con’s re-run competition with a My Little Pony game where the core mechanic involves A LOT of candy
  • I live in a collective on a “farm” with 2 other people
  • I really like good ice cream – also in the winter

You can find my CV at LinkedIn.
Or write to me on Twitter (But LinkedIn is probably a safer bet).

Jeff Cook, teacher in Game Design and Game Art, wrote me some quite nice words:
Please note that my full name is Lena Kikko Siggaard Henriksen, former Lena Siggaard Andersen. So it is me, though the names doesn’t match.

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